The universe we live in is connected in so many ways. On the molecular level, all matter contains stardust. You and I can trace our ancestry to the very beginning…the Big Bang. Living or dead, animate or inanimate, everything is connected to those gleaming balls of gas we see shining so far away.
I stumbled upon a coral graveyard that was assembled in perfect lines by the incoming and outgoing tides. I thought about their story…what becomes of these dead coral? They continue the ceaseless cycle of life and death, their skeletons being ground down into sand by the crashing waves. The sand is eventually subducted into the crust of the Earth, turning into molten lava, someday creating islands somewhere else. That’s one story.

A different story is after the sand is pulverized by the crashing waves, eventually the rock becomes a cloud of particles floating in the water. Some of the rock particles find their way down through the soil on land where coconut trees leech water and nutrients to feed. Part of the dead coral becomes new life within the tree, culminating in birth with new coconuts that eventually drop and sprout to create new life.

Everything is connected. Everything is stardust.

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