Key River

Haven’t been up North in quite a while now. It was awesome getting back up there…just the quietness and rawness of nature and solitude. Even though the weather and conditions weren’t exciting, it was exhilarating watching eagles soar and lift off from their perch on the pine. The gentle sound of wind whistling through the needles. On the hike pictured above, we tried bushwacking to the burned out forest on Key River. During the Summer there were very big forest fires throughout the region. Vast swaths of timber were burned, and we figured we should check it out. It seemed like there was a road going down the river, but we discovered quite quickly that no road existed so we resorted to bushwacking. That didnt last long though, as we realized there were many up and downs in and out of valleys. We stopped for a while where the viewpoint above was and turned around. Regardless of the fact we didnt achieve our goal, it was still awesome being out there. Very much looking forward to getting out again!

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