Vistaprint – Business Cards

My business cards came in today and I was a little nervous with excitement. I needed new ones because I changed my website to wordpress (because its free yet still looks great). Obviously hoping they turned out well, I quickly looked at the image and was wowed at how nice they look! Then I turned it over to view the lettering and my heart sank. I thought I spent a good amount of time double checking my personal info (and theres only 4 lines lol) but of course there was a mistake. I replaced a period where the @ symbol is for my website. Oops. Thinking I’d have to pay extra for new cards had me sweating. I quickly called Vistaprint to let them know of my stupid error and made them feel bad of my plight and before I knew it they were correcting the mistake and ordering me new cards for free! Now that’s customer service guys! I’d highly recommend Vistaprint. The cards looks sick too.

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