The Dream Trip

It’s not often we get chances in life to do the things we really want to do in life. How many times have you sat in your office pondering a better life, an outlet of some source, something you have always dreamed of wanting to accomplish or do? If you could have one wish, what would that be? For me, like most of you I’m speculating, is at least a million dollars! Let’s be honest, it makes everything much easier and practical. Of course money doesn’t buy happiness, but when you live a simple life in pursuit of something you love, money doesn’t matter so to speak. But I live in the real World, and bills need to get paid. Although it’s romantic thinking of living under the sky for months on out, not knowing where the next meal is coming from would worry me. I digress.

I had the chance of a lifetime – a complete life change. I was living in Canada for 8 years and aside from the costliness of living there, it was much better than living in Illinois. At least in Ontario there’s topography changes, several types of ecosystems, and interesting places to visit. However after some time it was getting pretty dull – especially considering the Winter hibernation. Sitting inside for 6 months without being able to camp which pretty much means not being able to truly get out and experience nature, began gnawing away at my existence. I knew I needed a lifestyle change, badly.

So I decided to leave. I wanted to move back to the US, somewhere warm and somewhere close to mountains. I’ve already lived so many years in the Midwest where it’s too flat. I needed something to help me wander and explore every weekend. This type of lifestyle is the one I seek. I don’t need anything else – give me a camera, backpack with camping gear, and a mountain ridge, and I’m in heaven. And thus began the journey of a lifetime. I’ve always dreamed of road tripping out West. The above map is where we drove, 30,000 km later.

There are so many amazing stories to tell. The journey was incredible. As the weeks go by you’ll see me update with more images from the trip. But if I had to choose a few places that were my favorite, I’d say Alberta, Utah, and California (where I currently live). It’s rare realizing not just one dream but another simultaneously, and I can’t lucky stars every time I’m able to explore the ocean, mountains, forests, and deserts. Dreams really do come true.

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