California Wild Flowers

Coming from Ontario and Illinois we don’t get to see amazing spectacles like the wildflowers in California. This Spring is my first wild flower bonanza and although they didnt disappoint I know it can look nicer when it’s much more wet. Unfortunately this Winter, Cali has been suffering from drought. In fact, February didnt get a single drop of rain which is unprecedented. Even so, the blooms sprouted and filled the valleys with various shades of color. The photographs pictured are from Table Mountain Ecological Reserve, Judge David trail, the Wildflower patch off Bear Valley Road, and finally Smittle Creek by Lake Berryessa

All are gorgeous in their own right! This Spring however, due to very low rainfall and snow the waterfalls at Table were very lackluster. From previous photographs it’s obvious they can look majestic. I’ll be back next Spring!

Judge Davis was a huge surprise. The open expansive views on top were amazing. I bet this spot is gorgeous for sunrise. I’ll definitely be planning a trip here soon for that.

Smittle Creek was gorgeous! I was here 3 weeks prior and there were some flowers however a couple days ago blew me away. Flowers everywhere! Mostly lupine.

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