Weekend Adventure

Getting away for the weekend is a must. Without being in the wilderness at least once per week, I begin to feel the grind of civilization encroaching my sanity. I begin thinking of the next weekend adventure immediately after the previous trip concludes – I’m a habitual head in the clouds, head for adventure person – and usually begin planning trip details the Monday I’m back at work.
I’ve been scoping out the Queen Elizabeth Wildlands II wilderness area in Ontario several years ago and made a trip there twice with my wife. We hiked around a bit and explored some unbeaten trails, but after leaving the area, my unsatiable thirst for adventure kept calling me back to this place.
So finally, I will be spending more than 1 day there and will be camping this weekend with my cousin and good friend Roberto. The weather doesn’t look too promising but we’ll make the most of it. I hope to get some photos of leaves that are still clutching the branch, and I’m excited for the unexpected opportunities the Wildlands will bring!

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