I have been thinking more and more that I shall always be a lone wanderer of the wilderness. God, how the trail lures me. You cannot comprehend its resistless fascination for me. After all, the lone trail is best. I hope I’ll be able to buy good horses and a better saddle. I’ll never stop wandering. And when the time comes to die, I’ll find the wildest, loneliest, most desolate spot there is.

-Everett Ruess

Interesting how my last post was about being creative without distraction, and I feel Everett Ruess would agree with what I wrote. Although Ruess would eventually complain about being alone in the wilderness without a faithful companion, he wrote frequently of the loner lifestyle and the solo trail.
Unlike Ruess, I’ve never been truly alone for more than several days. I’ve tramped around the Adirondack Mountains by myself, however other hikers and park personnel were a daily occurrence. Ruess was sometimes alone for months at a time, with zero human contact.
For myself I feel that the lone road is wonderful but in small doses. I cherish alone time, but after several days I begin to miss my wife. If I grew more accustomed to having more free time i.e. vacation time, and using that time alone in the wilds maybe my perspective would change. But for the moment I enjoy coming back home to recharge the batteries, which is usually 1 day of being home. Too bad the week days are so long!

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